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If you are planning an event - either a demo or a combat robotics event that might see the use of one or more RoboPad-based robots, the following pages might be useful to you:

Tips for Getting People Connected

A QR code that will direct users to the RoboPad homepage once they've connected to a RoboPad wifi network.

The biggest challenge with running multiple RoboPads at once with new users is getting users connected to the correct RoboPad's wifi network and at the correct address (either start.robopad.co.uk, or more reliably, Having print-outs and distinct names for each robot can greatly ease this process.

We strongly suggest that you name each RoboPad by navigating to its name field on the management page and setting it to something memorable, short easy to print on a label to put on its robot. Additionally, you might consider creating a QR code containing the RoboPad's Wifi connection details. These can be generated using many online generators and will allow the RoboPad to be connected simply by scanning the QR code (note that if you update the RoboPad's name or password, the QR code will need to be regenerated).

To ease connecting to the RoboPad website, we again recommend using either a poster or QR codes linking to the RoboPad address of No matter which RoboPad a user is connected to, provided they are connected, navigating to this address will take them to the RoboPad home page. We recommend putting individual wifi name+password or connection QR codes on each robot/RoboPad, and then having on a poster showing a QR code to navigate to the RoboPad alongside the address (given here as an image for your convenience).