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Forgotten your password? RoboPad not booting correctly?
Don't worry! This page will hopefully help you out - simply boot your RoboPad into safeboot mode by connecting the safeboot pin (marked SB on the board) to the 3.3v pin (marked 3V3) and leaving them connected for at least the first 5 seconds after boot. Once this is done, the RoboPad will form a wifi network called "RoboPad-safe-boot" with no password. Upon connecting to this you will be greated with the safeboot page, which will allow you to change or view the password via the management page or update the firmware. You will also be able to disable or remove potentially corrupted configuration options via the management page by turning off unnecessary subprocesses, such as the DNS server.

Note: If you recieve an error when trying to access the management page, please ensure that you are running a version of RoboPad newer than 2.2 by uploading a new version of the firmware to the device.

Safeboot mode also allows you to format the file system if it has become corrupted. Please note that pressing the format button will permanently erase all configured nodegraphs and hardware configuration settings.