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Welcome to the RoboPad Wiki!

Here you'll find some useful reference materials, sorted into RoboPad PCB revision number (see the back of your PCB for the revision number of your board!).

RoboPad Revision 1.1

Screenshot from 2022-11-06 23-38-46.png
  • The Revision 1.1 RoboPad board is 22.8mm wide by 39.0mm tall, with a maximum thickness of 7.4mm (all +- 0.2mm) and is 8 grams in weight.
  • The Reference 3D model as an stl file can be found here
  • If you use the Salome Platform as your CAD software, you can find an Shaper part file here

RoboPad Revision 1.3 (and 1.2)

The latest generation of the RoboPad, revision 1.3, is currently in the development phase. It's pin functions are largely the same as the 1.2, with a few pins missing. It can drive up to 1.8A on each motor drive pair, and the 3.3v rail is rated for up to 1A (although, as with the 1.1 version, this is to be shared with the RoboPad itself, which draws an average of 300mA and can peak at 800-1000mA).

The version 1.2 boards were a small intermediary run, with 1.3 being the final version. There are a few small differences between the boards:

  • The long-side pins on the v1.2 boards are about 0.8mm left than in the v1.3.
  • The power LED is positioned closer to the pins in the v1.2 board.
  • The v1.3 board has additional dampening circuits in place to reduce start-up motor spin. This was originally left as a useful feature in v1.1 (and v1.2) to indicate that the board had been switched on, however in v1.3 it has been reduced as the power LED serves this function. The start-up spin could not be entirely eliminated - M1 may still actuate, particularly if the board has been turned off and then turned back on within a 10 second period.
  • The v1.3 board has a slightly dimmer LED than the v1.2 revision.

The final specs of the v1.3 board are listed below:

  • The Revision 1.3 RoboPad board is 23.0mm wide by 39.0mm tall, with a maximum thickness of 6.9mm (all +- 0.2mm) and is 4.9 grams in weight.
  • The Reference 3D model as an stl file can be found here
  • For convenience, the reference 3D model with male header pins attached can be found here
  • If you use OpenSCAD, a module is currently being readied for release. If you would like access to it early please contact us