Updating Firmware

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If you're thinking of updating your RoboPad's firmware, be sure to check out our firmware releases page to check that you have the latest version and be aware of any changes that will be made to the RoboPad's operation.

Updating the firmware is easy - simply navigate to the management page, click "Firmware Updater" and then under firmware hit "browse" and locate the .bin file that you downloaded from our firmware download page and the click "Update Firmware". The device will restart immediately, so give it a few seconds to boot back up after doing so.

Note that new firmware can take up a reasonable amount of space on the RoboPad's internal memory storage (use percentage of which can be seen on the management page). It is always a wise idea to use the management page to download backups of the nodegraph and IO configuration files before running an update, and if you think you are worried that too much storage has been used (~70-90% usage), you can try resetting the nodegraph beforehand (best to download a copy in case you want to re-use it later).

Firmware can also be updated from the Safeboot mode - simply follow the links to the management page and follow the same process.