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Welcome to the beta page. This page will explain some of the key changes currently being trialled in the RoboPad Beta, available at Any pages on this wiki that are marked with beta tag at the top of the page indicate that the page discusses a function only present in the RoboPad beta firmware.

Please be advised that using the beta firmware is considered an advanced option - it is suggested that you do not use the beta firmware if you have no use for the features it adds, as it is not as rigorously tested as the release firmware and may cause the RoboPad to act in an unexpected (and potentially unsafe) way, or may damage stored nodegraph and configuration files. You should always exercise caution when using a RoboPad device, however, extra caution should be used when using one running beta firmware.

Beta firmware can be flashed onto the RoboPad the same as any other firmware.

Features Under Test

  • Input/Output (IO) Configuration
    • The RoboPad now has a new page, the IO Configuration page, accessible at, or via the button under the IO Management section of the Management page.
    • This page allows you to add new external actuators by selecting them from the "Add" menu and configuring the output pins that it uses, as they correspond to the physically lablled pins on the RoboPad.
    • Further information will be vailable at the IO Configuration page.
  • Additional Nodes


At the moment the RoboPad does not check that pins have been over-mapped. Take extra care to make sure that you have not selected the same pin more than once over any of the added IO units. As of 2.4-b2, pin checking has been added to the IO configuration editor.

Pins used under the "Advanced" option can act unpredictably for the first 100ms after RoboPad turn-on - please refrain from using any of these pins to move any kind of actuator that can cause physical harm, stick to LEDs and the like.